Happy Cat Month Cat Product Review: M.A.X. Cozy Curl Cat Scratcher from CatClaws

CatClaws products include various scratchers and toys for the discriminating kitty. (Photos from Matrix Partners and Alissa Wolf)

In honor of Happy Cat Month, my furry assistant editors Murphy and Lily received a product from a company called CatClaws for their review.

But first, a little bit about Happy Cat Month. This was started by a grassroots Maryland-based group called the CATalyst Council, which includes members from the fields of veterinary medicine, shelter/animal welfare, organizations such as the Cat Fanciers Association, the media and commercial companies, dedicated to educating the public about and celebrating kitties. The group’s primary mission is to ensure that felines are well cared for, and valued as pets.

CatClaws is an Arkansas-based online retailer of unique pet products that was launched in the mid-1980s by Bill and Gail Seliskar. Bill previously owned a corrugated box company in Illinois. Upon noticing how much his cats loved scratching on the cardboard samples he brought home, he came up with the idea for a product called the Cat Claws Scratching Pad.

After initially selling this single product through magazine and newspaper ads, Bill and Gail expanded to offering a wide range of cat products. (The company also offers a smaller selection of dog items.)

They claim that the secret to their success is the certified organic Cat Claws Naturally Nip Catnip used with all of their cat products, which also include toys, beds and furniture, grooming supplies, bowls and water fountains, monuments and memorial products, gifts for pet lovers and a diverse slew of others.

Most of the products are made in the U.S., and the company also accepts submissions from other pet product makers.

Murphy and Lily were immediately intrigued by the M.A.X. Cozy Curl Cat Scratcher they received for their review, which you can see from the photo above. They especially enjoyed the catnip, which also attracted them to and encouraged them to scratch the product.

Made from sturdy corrugated cardboard and available in a variety of colors and designs, these offer kitties a place to scratch, sleep and play, and scratch mark − a major reason why cats need to claw. It’s a potential furniture savior. And at $13.95, the scratcher is also affordable.

So in honor of Happy Cat Month, Murphy and Lily give two paws up to CatClaws.