Obama’s Ban on Aerial Hunting in Alaska Angers Palin

The new ban prohibits hunting from airplanes and helicopters. Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Animal welfare advocates have a new reason to cheer, as President Obama has just issued a sweeping ban on the barbaric practice of aerial hunting in Alaska.

This highly inhumane “sport” involves shooting at animals such as wolves, bears, and others that reside in Alaskan wildlife refuges from airplanes or helicopters. In many cases, the animals are lured into specific locations with food or are trapped, so that hunters can more readily locate and target them.Sarah-Palin

As a result of the new law, which the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service lobbied for, this will now be illegal in 16 refuges totaling 75 million acres within the state.

One prominent name who is a big fan of aerial hunting who is very peeved about this is former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. While governor of Alaska, Palin spent $400,000 of the state’s money fighting such a ban. (Meanwhile, other states are considering similar bans.)

But apparently, the Obama administration believes that protecting wildlife from this shameless practice is more important than Sarah Palin’s idea of fun.

Hats off to President Obama!

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