Meet the Prospective First Pets

Hillary Clinton (pictured at left with poodle Tally) is mom to three pooches, while Donald Trump shares his penthouse with yellow Lab Spinee (right). Photos from Wikimedia Commons

In the midst of the most contentious presidential campaign in modern history, there is one burning question animal lovers have been asking: Who will be our next First Pets?

Meet the companion animals that have a shot at occupying the White House below.

Critter Crazy Clintons

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and her former president spouse, Bill, are well-known animal lovers. When Bill was Commander in Chief, he shared the podium with Socks, who went on to become the most famous First Cat of all time. The Clintons later added Buddy, a chocolate Lab, to the family.

The political power couple currently own a brood of three pooches: A chocolate Lab named Seamus, a small dog of unknown breed named Maisie and a toy poodle named Tally.

Trump Goes to the Dogs

While Donald Trump has made his distaste for cats known, he does adore dogs. The current canine member of the billionaire’s clan is a yellow Lab with the curious name Spinee.

The pooch was in the news back in February, when she underwent risky surgery for an unknown ailment, which prompted Trump to ask his supporters for prayers for her on Twitter. Spinee reportedly has made a doggone miraculous recovery.

Vice Presidents’ Pets

Republican VP nominee Mike Pence is a lover of both dogs and cats, who shares his home with a beagle named Maverick and kitties Oreo and Pickle.

I could not determine if Democratic vice presidential pick Tim Kaine has pets. But he has supported animal-related legislation. A few weeks ago, he announced his support for the Puppies Assisting Wounded Service members (PAWS) Act, which would help to provide therapy dogs to veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Who will be our next First Pets? Only you can decide, by getting to the polls and voting on Nov. 8.

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