Pet Product Review: Petzi Treat Cam

The Petzi Treat Cam enables dog and cat parents to see, speak to and dispense treats to their pets remotely via a mobile app. (Photo from Petzi)

Lily, Murphy and I recently received a very cool pet product called the Petzi Treat Cam for our review. This ingenious device enables dog and cat parents to remotely dispense treats to their pets via an app one downloads onto their smartphone or tablet.

But that’s not all. The Treat Cam also enables you to see and speak to your pets in real time, snap pics of them and post them to the Petzi social platform, as well as other sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Here’s how it works.

High-Tech Treats for Pets

This is a relatively simple device that consists of a smallish white plastic box with a camera in the middle and a slot that dispenses treats at the bottom. You can mount it on a wall or just leave it on the floor, as I did. You load hard treats that must be less than 1-inch in size by removing the front cover and pouring them into an opening at the top.

You then download a free Petzi app onto a smartphone or tablet via Google Play or the App Store, and set up an account. When the cute little blue dragon Petzi icon appears on your mobile device, you tap it to be connected to the Petzi network, where you gain access to a camera that enables you to see your pets, and buttons that allow you to speak to your pets, snap their pics and dispense treats for them. It’s that simple, and fun!

Lily and Murphy Give the Petzi Treat Cam Two Paws Up

My two kitties love this, Lily especially. When she has a hankering for a treat, she will stand next to it and gaze at it longingly. I love it, too, although there are a few kinks.

Lily gets set to enjoy some treats courtesy of the Petzi Treat Cam. (Photo by Alissa Wolf)

I love the idea that I can check on my kitties, say, “Hi,” to them and feed them treats while I am toiling away in corporate America in another city, in another state some 20 miles away.

The only kink I found is that the treats scatter randomly all over the kitchen floor. So I set the box in a small Pyrex casserole. That does help a bit, but the treats still scatter across the floor.

Fortunately, I keep my kitchen floor nice and clean, so it’s not that huge of an issue. However, I do think this probably works best when it’s mounted to a wall.

Petzi Provides Excellent Customer Service

This review would not be complete if I didn’t give a shout out to the company’s customer support. I initially was not able to set up my app and account, because I recently moved into a new apartment and had not connected my phone to my wifi network.

When I called the support line, a very patient, congenial customer service rep named Dustin got to the bottom of my issue and walked me through a very lengthy process to get me up and running. So that’s another huge plus.

When all is said and done, my kitties and I think this is a “meow-velous” pet product, which provides lots of enjoyment for all of us.

(Product and company information: Founded in 2013 and based in San Jose, Calif., Petzi is an up-and-coming leader in technology designed to bring people and pets closer together. The Treat Cam retails for $169.99.)

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