Tenn. to Become First State to Have Animal Abuser Register

Tennessee-Animal-Abuse-RegistryIn a measure that is being roundly applauded by animal welfare advocates and critter lovers in general, Tennessee will soon become the first U.S. state to offer a register of animal abusers. This takes effect on Jan. 1, 2016.

Similar in principle to registers for child abusers, this will include the names of known animal abusers that will be available to the public, in an effort to thwart known abusers from owning and coming into contact with animals.

Sen. Jeff Yarbo, who sponsored the legislation, said in a statement, “We proposed this law not just to take a stand against animal cruelty, but to take concrete action to prevent abuse and deter those who repeatedly engage in the torture and killing of animals.”

While a number of U.S. cities and counties have adopted such measures, this is the first statewide legislation of its kind. Eleven other states are said to be in the process of passing similar legislation.

Hopefully, this will help to take a big bite out of animal cruelty, and severely restrict those who engage in the heinous abuse of critters.

Photo from the State of Tennessee

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