Kitties Crash G20 Summit in Turkey

G-Summit-CatsNumerous world leaders were upstaged by three kitties who brazenly strolled onstage during yesterday’s opening session of the G20 Summit in Turkey.

The assembled attendees and media were astonished to see the trio of feckless felines pussyfoot onto the Antalya Summit stage prior to appearances by President Obama and Russian President Vladmir Putin.

No one seems to know how the kitties got past security, which was especially tight in the wake of Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris.

However, Turkey is known for its vast population of highly friendly stray cats, and these apparently didn’t present any threats. They just strolled around the stage, sniffed some flowers and scampered off into the night.

Key leaders from around the world have gathered in Turkey to discuss the Syrian migration crisis and the recent terrorist attacks, as well as global economic issues.

Despite the very serious nature of these talks, the leaders were said to have no “hard felines” about being upstaged by the furry gatecrashers.

Photo from ABC News

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