Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion Gets Slaughtered on Yelp and Social Media

Cecil-the-LionDr. Walter J. Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who admittedly killed a beloved lion named Cecil in Zimbabwe, is getting killed – in the figurative sense – in the court of public opinion.

Ever since the news broke that Palmer and a hunting companion lured the popular animal from a wildlife park for the purpose of killing him for use as a trophy, for which he reportedly paid $55,000, the dentist’s Yelp page has been bombarded with furious posts and one-star reviews.

Meanwhile, animal lovers seeking justice for this senseless killing launched a Facebook group called RIP Cecil the Lion – Let’s Tell the Dentist He is a Coward. Plus, Care2 Petitions has posted a petition online demanding that Palmer be suspended from practicing dentistry.

Cecil, who was 13, was well loved by tourists, and had been wearing a GPS tracker for research purposes. Palmer and his companion reportedly removed the tracker after seriously injuring Cecil with a bow and arrow, and then stalked him for 40 hours before ultimately killing him.

Palmer has admitted to killing Cecil, but claims that tour guides misled him into believing that the hunt was legal.

Huh?! He lured a lion that was wearing a GPS collar out of a wildlife preserve, and thought the hunt was legal?!

This is not the first time Palmer has pulled a stunt like this. In 2008, he was convicted of poaching after killing a black bear in Wisconsin, 40 miles from a legal hunting zone. He was sentenced to one year’s probation and fined $3,000.

In other developments, news sources report that Palmer’s dental practice was closed today. And I noticed that his practice’s website has gone dark.

As a seasoned journalist, I try to avoid getting emotional about the news. But in this case, I have made an exception.

I hope you will join me in seeking justice for Cecil by signing the above petition and making your voice heard on social media. Let’s all honor Cecil by helping to prevent something like this from ever happening again.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons


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