Kosher Pet Foods for Passover

jewish-dogThere are a number of foods that are suitable for Jewish pets who wish to keep kosher for Passover, which begins on Friday evening and extends through April 11.

Granted, Jewish law does not dictate that critters observe rabbinic dietary restrictions during this or any other Judaic holiday or observance.

But if you want Fido and Fluffy to join in the spirit of this most joyous holiday, there are a number of pet foods that qualify as kosher. Quite simply, any pet food that does not contain grains qualifies as Passover-friendly.

mao-passover-catAmong some of my favorites are Dave’s Weruva, Fromm and Acana.

For a full list of grain-free pet foods that are suitable for dogs who wish to observe this holiday, check out the Doggington Post.

No matter what, it’s best to feed dogs and (especially) cats grain-free foods that are high in meat protein, because these are far better for their health. But Passover is a great time for Jewish dogs and kitties to incorporate this fare into their diets for year-round health and well-being.

Photos from Creative Commons

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