Two Sens. Ask FDA to Investigate Beneful Allegations

purina-beneful-dry-dog-food-jpgIn the wake of the ongoing consumer allegations and recent legal actions taken against Purina’s Beneful dog food, Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin and Calif. Sen. Dianne Feinstein have sent a letter to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, urging an investigation.

As I reported on Feb. 18, dog parent Frank Lucido filed a class action suit in California against maker Nestle Purina, alleging that two of his dogs were sickened and one died after consuming Beneful, which contains propylene glycol and mycotoxins.

In the letter, the senators asked for a clarification of a law passed in 2007 to prevent potentially harmful pet foods from being distributed to consumers.

According to a report on PetMD, the law also requires that the FDA must establish ingredient and manufacturing standards for pet food, strengthen labeling requirements, establish early warning systems for contaminated products, demand that companies report contaminated food and make key records available during investigations.

“We appreciate that the FDA has implemented an online database to inform consumers of pet food recalls,” the letter from Sen. Durbin and Feinstein says. “However, eight years later, most provisions of the pet food safety law have not been implemented and protections Congress enacted are not in place, amid allegations of contaminated Beneful dry kibble.”

Has anyone else had similar experiences after feeding their dogs Beneful? Feel free to share these in the comments section below.

Photo from PetMD

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