Remembering Sweet Omar on His Birthday

omar_party_hat_oneToday would have been my Omar’s 7th birthday.

To those of you who aren’t familiar with me and my beloved kitty, Omar was my faithful assistant editor in charge of pet product reviews for my pet industry website for, my faithful companion for five years and the kitty love of my life.

Tragically, I lost him in June 2013 to a vaccine-associated sarcoma, a deadly cancerous tumor that develops at an injection site, and is more common in domestic cats than any other companion animal.

I had been taking him to an incompetent veterinarian who pressured me into over-vaccinating him. Sadly, I wasn’t nearly as educated as I now am about pet care. As a result, he developed a myriad of health issues including seizures and IBD, which I later learned were all related to his being indiscriminately vaccinated.

He became gravely ill in January of 2013, and a series of veterinarians could not discern what was wrong with him, until a wise holistic veterinarian finally diagnosed him with VAS. This was the absolute most painful experience I have ever been through.

I have been a parent to many pets in my life, and I loved them all dearly. But Omar was very special, and to witness the suffering of this sweet, beautiful, loving animal was more than I could bear.

I pray that other pet parents may learn a lesson from this awful experience. Please, do not over vaccinate your pets. And always insist on non-adjuvant vaccines, which are far safer than the adjuvanted varieties.

I will miss and love my Omar until I draw my last breath. I hope you are at peace, wherever you are, my most precious boy.

Photo by Alissa Wolf

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