A Heartfelt Farewell to a Beloved Maine Police Dog

Tearful fellow officers salute Sultan during his final journey to a veterinarian. Photo from Yarmouth Police Department

During his illustrious career, K-9 police officer Sultan made quite a name for himself due to his keen drug detection skills, and for answering more than 1,000 calls in the line of duty.

But in recent times, the 13-year-old German shepherd’s health began to fail, and the department realized it was time to say goodbye to this four-legged hero who had faithfully served his department and fellow human officers for almost a decade.

So the department decided to give him a hero’s sendoff, by gathering two dozen police officers, firefighters and EMT personnel from around the state to salute him as he made his final journey to a local veterinarian to be euthanized on Feb. 13.

“Everyone just wanted to pet him one last time and say their farewells,” K-9 officer Shane Stephenson told People magazine. “He kind of sensed it was his final moments and just stared up at everybody with sad eyes and licked their hands.”

While working with the force, Sultan helped to nab hundreds of criminals and aided in the recovery of more than 100 pounds of narcotics. When off duty, he was known as a friendly guy who was beloved within the community.

But then old age and ill health caught up with this once robust dog. Thus, his fellow officers were on paw, standing shoulder to shoulder to salute him as he made his final journey.

May you rest in peace, Sultan. Yours was a life well lived.

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