Patty’s Hearst’s Shih Tzu is Top Toy Dog at Westminster


The Shih Tzu dog belonging to heiress turned kidnap victim turned terrorist turned movie actress turned regular wife and mom Patty Hearst won the top prize in the toy category at last night’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show preliminaries.

The socialite granddaughter of iconic newspaper publisher and media magnate William Randolph Hearst, the inspiration for Orson Welles’ classic film “Citizen Kane,” caused a worldwide uproar in the 1970s after the Symbionese Liberation Army terrorist group kidnapped her.

After being beaten, blindfolded and locked in a closet, threatened with death and brainwashed by the group, she joined the SLA, changed her name to Tania, and wielded a machine gun while the group robbed a bank in San Francisco. She was ultimately arrested, and spent almost two years in prison for bank robbery.

Fortunately, she later got her act together.

A few months after her release from prison (then-President Jimmy Carter commuted her sentence, because the court determined that she had been brainwashed) Patty married her bodyguard, Bernard Shaw, and she became a wholesome suburban mom. The couple remained married until Shaw’s death in 2013.

The now 61-year-old grandma also made some forays into the acting world, with roles in John Waters’ wacky “Serial Mom,” “Cry Baby,” “Pecker” and “Cecil B. Demented.”

Patty is now active in the dog world, and she became the co-owner of the glorious Shih Tzu Rocket (whose AKC registered name is actually Stockholm Syndrome).

Congrats to Patty and Rocket, you handsome dog.

Photo from AP

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