Bart the ‘Zombie Cat’ Returns From the Dead

Bart-the-Zombie-CatIt was a scene straight out of “The Walking Dead” when a cat named Bart from Tampa Bay, Fla., rose from the grave, literally, after being hit by a car, declared dead and then coming back to life.

Bart’s owner, Ellis Huston, found the seemingly lifeless 23-month-old kitty lying in a pool of blood in the middle of a road a few weeks ago, and then enlisted a friend to help bury him. But five days later, Bart miraculously showed up on a neighbor’s lawn. Veterinarians from the Humane Society suspect that Bart clawed his way out of the grave, after magically being revived.

Although he was badly injured, had a broken jaw and had to have a severely damaged eye removed, Bart is expected to make a full recovery. A neighbor started a Go Fund Me campaign to help pay for his estimated $2,000 in veterinary bills.

If there’s ever another sequel to the movies based on the Stephen King novel “Pet Sematary,” I hope this kitty gets a starring role.

Photo from ABC News


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