Manhattan Assemblywoman Proposes Cat Declawing Ban

Linda Rosenthal
Manhattan Assemblywoman and animal welfare advocate Linda Rosenthal wants to ban cat declawing statewide.

In a development that I roundly applaud, Manhattan Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal has proposed a statewide ban on declawing cats, unless performed for medical reasons.

As Linda pointed out in a press statement: “It’s like taking off your first knuckle. (Cats) are born with claws and they are meant to have claws. It’s cruel to remove them for the sake of human convenience and saving your furniture.”

Although the bill has not yet been introduced to the state Senate, it has received the enthusiastic support of the Humane Society of New York and the Paw Project, a California pet welfare group that is dedicated to banning the declawing of cats.

As a long-time anti-declawing advocate, I can attest that this is a major form of animal abuse that can result in any number of health and behavior issues in cats, including lameness, infection, back issues and nerve damage and litter box avoidance, among many others.

The procedure is already banned in Europe, Australia, Brazil and Israel. A number of municipalities in the U.S. have banned this, the first of which was West Hollywood, Ca., with more expected to follow suit.

So let’s hear a big round of “a-paws” for Assemblywoman Rosenthal, and hope that this leads to a nationwide ban of this terrible affront to kitties.

Photo from the New York Daily News

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