Bruce Springsteen’s Daughter Asks N.J. Gov. Christie to Ban Puppy Mills

Bruce-Springsteen-DaughterBruce Springsteen’s daughter, Jessica, has personally appealed to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to pass legislation that would ban the operation of puppy mills in the state.

The Boss’s lovely offspring, 23, wants Christie to sign a bill that would amend the Pet Purchase Protection Law, which would require that pet stores disclose where the puppies come from and prohibit stores from selling pets from breeders who are not in compliance with state and federal animal care laws.

In a letter released to the public on Tuesday by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Jessica stated: “It is hard to believe, but currently, New Jersey pet shops do not have to tell consumers where the puppies they sell come from. (The bill) S.1870 will change this by requiring pet shops to disclose the identities of the commercial breeders and brokers from which they purchase puppies for resale.”

She added: “This bill will also begin to address the inhumane treatment of puppy mill dogs often resulting in sick puppies being sold in the Garden State by requiring pet shops to screen out those breeders and brokers that fail to comply with state and federal minimum standards of care.”

Jessica, a world-class competitive horsewoman, in 2012 beseeched the governor to sign legislation to make it illegal to slaughter horses for their meat in New Jersey, which he did. The fact that Christie is a huge fan of Jessica’s rock star dad reportedly was a deciding factor.

Meanwhile, the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, which advocates for pet retailers, begs to differ. The council released this statement on its website: “For New Jersey pet stores, this would be disastrous. As much as 40 percent of the dogs and cats sold in New Jersey pet stores come from these exempt breeders (who would not meet the requirements of the new law). Many stores would be forced to close.”

As someone who spent several years writing about the pet industry, I am of the opinion that this is absolute nonsense. An increasing number of pet stores refrain from selling live animals, opting instead to partner with animal shelters to host in-store adoption events, which is the prevailing − and highly successful − business model trend.

In addition, a number of municipalities in the U.S. have banned the sales of dogs, cats and other pets for profit, with more getting on board with this on a regular basis. Retailers in these areas focus instead on adoption events and an emphasis on expanding their retail products and pet services.

What do you think? As always, I welcome you to comment in the section below.

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