Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Pets

thanksgiving-dogsThanksgiving is a day to enjoy great food and the company of loved ones, including our pets. But while it’s okay for our companion animals to join in the celebration, it’s also important for pet parents to observe certain precautions in order to keep their critters out of harm’s way on Turkey Day.

Below are some important tips.

Avoid Giving Your Pets Foods That May Be Toxic to Them

While it’s okay to feed your pets a little bit of turkey or steamed veggies, as long as you remove the skin, excess fat, gravy and seasonings, please do not feed dogs and cats such foods as chocolate, grapes, raisins and others that may make them sick, or even have fatal consequences.

And never feed pets raw turkey, as this may contain Salmonella bacteria. The same goes for cooked bones, as these may splinter which results in fragments that a pet can choke on, or can cause intestinal blockages or punctures. So it’s best to feed your pets healthy species-specific foods before you sit down to dinner. For a list of foods that can be toxic to pets, you may refer to the Humane Society of the United States website.

Keep Foreign Objects Away From Pets Thanksgiving-Cat-Cropped

At this time of the year, pets are more likely to get into the garbage or play with and subsequently ingest holiday decorations. So it’s very important that you secure your trash cans with sturdy lids or in a closet, garage or cupboard to ensure that your pets don’t get into them and munch on such items as aluminum foil and plastic wrap, as well as foods they should not have.

Remember Car Travel Safety Tips

Many people hit the road with Rover and Whiskers when traveling by car during the holiday. So be sure to take along first aid items. And do properly restrain your pets when traveling with them by motor vehicle. Unrestrained pets are the cause of thousands of accidents each year. As a result, many states have passed strict laws requiring that pets be properly secured in moving vehicles, and will slap those who don’t comply with large fines. For more about this, please see my article on Dogster.

Until we meet again, Murphy, Lily and I wish you, your families and pets a very happy, safe Thanksgiving.

Photos from Wikimedia Commons


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