NJ Sen. Introduces Mental Health Screening Law for Adult Animal Abusers


If New Jersey Sen. Jennifer Beck (R-11) gets her way, all convicted animal abusers will be required to undergo mental health screenings in an effort to better prevent further harm to animals, and humans.

Beck recently introduced Bill S2449, also called “Shyanne’s Law,” in honor of a dog of the same name that died while under the care of a pet trainer who had a history of abusing animals, and had previously been convicted of this.

Poor Shyanne died from injuries sustained due to blunt force trauma.

Per current laws, only minors who abuse animals are required to receive mental health evaluations, in an effort to determine if they possess mental defects that may render them a continued danger to others.

If the bill were passed, this would extend to adult animal abusers, as well.

Sen. Jennifer Beck
Sen. Jennifer Beck

“Often, acts of animal cruelty are not just symptomatic of a personality quirk,” Beck said. “Such behavior is often telling of a serious psychological issue that poses a greater threat to society. This bill will allow us to punish those who would hurt animals, as well as prevent potential violence upon humans that could evolve from pattern acts of animal cruelty.”

Sounds like a good start to me. What do you think? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Photos from the office of Sen. Jennifer Beck

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