Top Dog Grooming Products and Services

Pooches can really put on the dog, thanks to the huge amount of imaginative dog grooming products and services that are now available.

Below are some of the more interesting trends.

Body Art for Bow Wows

Photo from the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers

Canines can now get on the tattoo bandwagon with their very own tramp stamps.

The latest extreme grooming trend involves applying designs to a dog’s (or cat’s) coat using a stencil and either non-toxic, chalk-based paint or glitter affixed with non-toxic glue.

The tats are temporary – they may last a couple of weeks to a month – and will wash off during bathing. These can set pet parents back from $10 to $100, which is the going rate among groomers who cater to celebrity clients.

Pet parents can also purchase do-it-yourself tattoo kits.

Meanwhile, the Fur Flies Over Pet Tattoos 

Not surprisingly, tattoos for pets are not without controversy. PETA, for one, claims that this “humiliates” pets. And some veterinarians have expressed concern about the potential for this to cause dermatological issues.

Meanwhile, a Brooklyn ink artist who goes by the name Mistah Metro came under fire earlier this year after he inked his own dog with a permanent tattoo. Metro did this while the dog was sedated, following a surgical procedure.

Metro received so much hate mail after posting a pic of his pooch on the Internet – which went crazy viral – that he closed down his social media accounts.

In a related development, the New York Senate in June voted unanimously to ban the practice of pet tattoos. While many pets are routinely tattooed for identification purposes, getting one’s critter inked for vanity is another story, according to those who are against this practice.

What’s Hot in Natural Pet Grooming Products

Natural products that are healthier for pets – and the planet – are now leaders in the grooming industry when it comes to items ranging from shampoos and conditioners to paw creams, breath sprays and colognes.

Some of the more innovative ingredients are:

  • Alaskan salmon oil
  • Chamomile
  • Coconut oil
  • Oatmeal
  • Organic silk proteins
  • Tea tree oil … and others.
Photo from Faith Chipman

Faith Chipman, a groomer colleague of mine who owns the respected Shaggy DAWG Grooming salon in British Columbia, Canada, developed a unique natural line of paw pad creams, PAW Su-Crème, that contain emu and hemp oils. 

She also developed a line of natural, non-toxic doggie colognes that contain such ingredients as pure lavender oil, aloe, chamomile and witch hazel.

Overall, there is a greater emphasis on products that are organic and biodegradable, and are free of phosphates, artificial colors and dyes, synthetic chemicals and fragrances, and other harsh, potentially toxic ingredients.

Unique Paw Polish for Posh Pooches

Dog Nail Art
Photo from Warren London

Diva doggies that love their “paw-dicures” now have a great line of easy to apply, non-toxic polish pens, courtesy of Warren London, a U.S.-based maker of upscale glam pet grooming products. 

Pawdicure Polish Pens, which are available in a variety of fur-bulous colors, are made with a non-toxic water-based solution that dries in a jiff. These can also be used to create paw-some pooch nail art.

The pens retail for $8.95 and up, so even fashion-forward Fidos on a budget can afford them.

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