Oregon Declares Abused Animals ‘Victims,’ Not Property

Photo from Wikimedia Commons via Amazon.com
Photo from Wikimedia Commons via Amazon.com

In a landmark ruling that animal lovers everywhere are sure to applaud, the Oregon Supreme Court recently passed a law that grants victim status to abused and neglected animals, just like humans.

And like humans, animals that are victims of crimes will be accorded greater justice under the new ruling.

The ruling was largely the result of public outrage following a case in which the owner of numerous horses and goats was found to have starved and neglected the animals, back in 2009.

Under the terms of the laws in existence at that time, the animals were classified as property. But with the new law in place, those who mistreat animals can now be subject to much harsher sentences and fines than they would have under the previous laws.

Thus, the law – which was championed by the Animal Legal Defense Fund of Portland – affords critters far greater rights when they are abused and neglected.

Way to go, Oregon!


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