The Benefits of Coconut Oil for Pets

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Coconut oil has long been touted for its terrific benefits for humans. Now, this “super food” is being widely hailed as a great supplement for pets, for its variety of preventative properties and effectiveness in the treatment of a number of ailments.

Coconut oil, which is comprised of medium-chain triglycerides, is rich in such nutrients as lauric and capric acids, which provide a number of health benefits for pets due to their wondrous anti-oxidant properties.

The Wonders of Coconut Oil for Cats and Dogs

Coconut oil has powerful healing and preventative properties for pooches and kitties when administered both externally and internally such as:

  • Aids in digestion, and is great for pets with inflammatory bowel disease
  • Can help to eliminate furballs in cats
  • Helps to control diabetes, joint and thyroid issues
  • Facilitates coat health
  • Acts as an anti-fungal and disinfectant, which can aid wound healing
  • Aids in weight loss … and more.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Pets

First, it’s important to purchase the extra virgin kind, as this is the purest form and has the greatest healing properties. I use Nature’s Way, a respected brand that comes in a large 16-ounce jar, which goes a long way, and is very reasonably priced. I found it on for under $10.

You can also purchase high-quality coconut oil at health and organic food stores.

As for administering this to pets, you can place about a teaspoon to a tablespoon in their food once a day, depending on the pet’s size, or apply topically to wounds and coat. Just be sure to start with small amounts before working up to the full amount over the course of a few weeks when giving this to pets orally – which you can do by adding to wet food, or straight up from a spoon.

Topical Tips

As for applying topically, experts recommend lightly applying this to a pet’s coat once a week, and then brushing the coat for even distribution. Not only does this make the coat shiny and healthy, the oil helps to repel fleas.

I used this on my cat, Murphy, after his little sister, Lily, bit him on the neck – causing an open sore. I first cleaned the wound with mild soap and water, then wiped it with a little bit of peroxide before applying a generous dab of coconut oil directly to the wound. It did help to speed up the healing process, and aided in preventing infection.

The great thing about coconut oil is that it’s perfectly safe, even if pets lick it off.

So don’t delay … try some wondrous coconut oil on your pets today.

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