Review of Neko Flies Cat Toys

Photo by Alissa Wolf
Photo by Alissa Wolf

There are many innovative cat toys currently on the market. Neko Flies, from Washington state company Nekochan Enterprises, is among the very finest wand toys now available for discerning kitties.

This unique line of toys was the brainchild of Ellen Tsuyuki, a cat mom who was not very impressed with the cat play products that were previously available. So, she decided to invent some of her own.

Feline Approved Toys

After consulting with her furry “board of directors” Nekochan, Chiquita, Timmy and Bubba, Ellen came up with a concept for a line of toys that consist of a clear acrylic wand with a plastic gripped handle with a metal ring at the tip. You can purchase a series of insect-inspired toys with sturdy braided string that attach to the ring at the tip of the wand via a metal lobster claw clasp.

The products my furry staff and I received for review were the Kragonfly and Kattipede, composed of what appears to be tautly wrapped pipe cleaner material with rubber legs and vinyl wings.

These are very cute and lifelike, and the toys are brilliant in their simplicity.

My Furry Product Reviewers Weigh In

I introduced the Neko Flies to my feline assistants, Murphy, who as of this writing is 1 year and 4 months old, and Lily, who is exactly 6 months old.

They both enjoyed it. However, Murphy really loves it. This was a pleasant surprise, as he pretty much lost interest in playing with cat toys once he officially reached adulthood. The Neko toys really captured his interest and got him moving.

Lily and Murphy give Neko Flies two paws up. Photo by Alissa Wolf
Lily and Murphy give Neko Flies two paws up.
Photo by Alissa Wolf

So these are great products for cats that could use more exercise. Plus, these provide an interactive experience between kitties and human parents, which facilitates bonding.

Other Nekochan Pet Products of Note

The company also offers a unique line of Neko Nappers: cat sleeping bags and collapsible pet houses made of a corduroy type polyester material that are suitable for cats and small dogs, and are machine washable.

The sleeping bags contain crinkly paper within the lining, which cats love.

For more information about Nekochan Enterprises products, please visit the website.

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